1. Ann Howington

    Ann Howington Certified Etiquette Consultant

    Ann Howington is a Certified Etiquette Consultant and the owner of Howington Institute of Etiquette in Miami. As a Christian mother of three, Ann understands the importance of social etiquette and the impact it has on personal and professional relationships. Her Always Appropriate social etiquette lessons are customized to meet the needs of each group or individual, regardless of age range, from young to mature adults.

    Ann has a rich and diverse background, having previously worked as the founder and owner of "Comfort in The Word," as well as the Assisted Manager of "Dakota Securities." Her passion for education and volunteering led her to become actively involved at Westminster Christian School, where all three of her children graduated. She has volunteered there often and is deeply committed to the school's mission.

    Howington Institute

    With over 10 years of experience at Delta airlines in public contact and nonpublic contact positions, Ann has honed her skills in customer service and communication. Her expertise in social etiquette and her ability to connect with people make her a valuable asset to the Howington Institute of Etiquette.

    Ann has been married for over 40 years and continues to live in Miami, where she is actively involved in her community. Her dedication to helping others improve their social skills through etiquette training is evident in everything she does.

    Our Mission

    Our mission should be called my continuing Ministry. For 15 years I was able to be a part of spreading the word of God through our business Comfort In the Word. That was my ministry at the time. Our quilts carried bible verses embroidered on them. As a Christian I truly believe God’s word is a seed that once read or heard is planted deep within the heart, and God uses it to produces a lifetime of blessings. The business was such a true gift. We received so many wonderful testimonies from our customers with stories of how these little quilts had such an impact on their lives.

    Now I at 65 and entering the next chapter of a new ministry. This time by Teaching etiquette to both young and old. People will receive what I feel is a true blessing. Greater Confidence. It will give people the feeling of Confidence in both their personal and professional life. When you go into a Test and you know in your heart that you are ready. It is that kind of feeling. People will know when at business a dinner or conference of which fork of many is the right one to use. Learning the pluses and minus of social media. In their personal lives it will help in meeting new people and feeling confident in knowing how to address people, how to carry themselves, how to properly use their cell phones. Etiquette is about respect for others but also for us. It lets those around you feel more comfortable. This is my new ministry helping people have that special “soft skills“ That will open so many doors for them and help them truly reach their full potential.

    A part on the profit from this business will be used to fund a Foundation, Dedicated to feeding people both physically and spiritually. When you feed people with Food they will be hungry again, when you feed people with the Word of God they never hunger again.